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"I would probably still be wasting time and money scanning the internet for answers to my questions. I haven't found a more reliable, proven, no BS program that took my real estate investing to the next level." - Jason Kingery


"Truly one of the most knowledgable organizations in real estate investing. They care deeply about others succeeding. Great program and I highly recommend. - Danny Bote


"I was able to get logical advice, clear insight, and practical steps in their program. Working with them was a really exciting opportunity" - Joe McClain

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"In 2008, I was dead broke. Wife, kids, bills, stress...and there seemed to be no relief in sight. I decided something had to change and real estate was it. A few years later, in 2013, I was able to retire. My passive income was larger than my monthly expenses. It meant...I didn't HAVE to work anymore. 

Now...I'm on a mission to help people start their path to financial freedom through real estate investing. For a lot of people, utilizing their retirement funds to start acquiring real estate is the easiest way to get started. 

It's the reason I wrote the book "Rollover to Retire: An Easy Plan for Real Wealth." The book is designed to help people get into the real estate game safely and profitably. 

Please give it a quick read. Who knows...real estate might just change the trajectory of your it did mine."  

- Brad Hovis

Rollover to Retire and affiliate organizations are advertising for sale the equitable interests of the above mentioned properties. All properties are sold for cash. Buyers responsibility to do your own due diligence and verify all information. Prices are NET to seller with buyer paying all closing costs. Opinions of value / rents / rehab are given as a courtesy and no guarantees are expressed or implied. Our properties move fast so contact us quickly if there is a property you want to purchase.

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